pattr & getslotlist length problem?

    Aug 22 2007 | 9:21 pm
    I'm finding a potential issue with my use of pattr and the "getslotlist" message. I find that if I have > 4095 slots stored in a pattr file (via pattrstorage), sending pattrstorage a "getslotlist" message causes Max to crash. Storing that many slots doesn't seem to be an's only trying to get a list of the slots am I running into problems.
    (Yes, I know that means I am storing more than 4095 "presets", but I am using pattr for storing cues for some theatrical show control work (sound, lights, etc.), which could *in theory* get to this high a number...and was just checking out the upper limits of what was possible).
    Anyway, I am happy to produce a patch and crash log, but wanted to see if this was expected. I know it generates a list > 256 elements, but this is being fed into the java list operators, which seem to behave quite well with large lists. Java isn't the problem, however, since all I am doing now is sending the getslotlist message with nothing attached to the output of the pattrstorage object to reproduce the crash.
    Lastest version of MaxMSP & jitter, 10.4.9, mac pro (intel). Again I am happy to produce a crash log and patch if that would be helpful.
    Thanks, David

    • Aug 28 2007 | 1:57 am
      anybody have any thoughts on this?