[pattr] in m4l and initialization

    Oct 10 2012 | 9:52 pm
    As discussed here, I was looking for a solution to allow me to initialize pattr values and output them from the relevant ui objects at the same time - that is to say, when a preset called through an int message to pattr did not exist, all pattr-referenced objects should be set to zero and output zero.
    My proposed solution is a hidden "init" pattr - accessible object. (I'll post the patcher later, I'm not on my max system right now) The object will have 2 states. If it is in 0, some javascript (after querying this state) will use a message to pattrstorage to set all values for all objects in all presets to zero.
    This seems like a major kludge. Furthermore, in the (admittedly unlikely) event that something goes wrong with the init object the entire system not only goes off the rails but does so in a spectacular way - all presets will be erased from existence!
    This being in Live, wasn't the initial value and initial value enabled in the parameter inspector supposed to do this? They set the value of the live.menu just fine but nothing gets output to any outlets - same as a set message.
    Is there any way to get the menus to output their default values if the user has not set them? if not, what other things would you folks suggest?
    Many thanks in advance