pattr not binding with preset object across patches

    Oct 06 2010 | 3:20 pm
    I have created a series of patches all with preset storage which is managed by the preset object linked with pattrstorage. I am also constructing a meta-preset management patch which will allow me to switch between presets of presets. I am using a pattr object in the meta-patch which is then bound to the lower level patches using "bindto ::patchName::presetPvarName". However, max posts that the pattr is not able to bind to the preset object. Anyone know why?
    The code is correct as I have been able to bind to other controls perfectly.
    Can preset be called in this manner when it is working with pattrstorage?
    Many thanks for your help Chris

    • Oct 08 2010 | 7:36 am
      No, you can't bind to the preset object. You can, however, bind to a umenu that sends a number to the preset object or the pattrstorage object.
    • Oct 08 2010 | 2:10 pm
      Right, when you use preset that's connected to a pattrstorage (with the pattrstorage's name in the preset Inspector), it doesn't behave like a regular preset (which remembers objects attached to it). Rather, it acts as a GUI object to store and recall pattrstorage slots in an intuitive way. It's a bit confusing as this seems like it's "bound" to pattrstorage, but that terminology is used for actual binding, rather than referencing.
      So for your meta-preset you'd connect it to number boxes or umenus, which means you're using the meta-preset as a typical preset. These number boxes or umenus send the desired number to the *other* presets, thereby calling the pattrstorage slots you want in each of them. This also allows you to use floats rather than integers, thereby having access to interpolation that pattr provides.