Pattr / Preset / Problems

    Dec 05 2010 | 4:19 pm
    I'm working on a glorified sampler
    I'd like to save filepaths to load files back from disk
    I'd also like to save the various parameters for each voice of the sampler
    I have a 'random' function that chucks out a load of values for each voice. The problem is that I switch to a different preset for each voice and doing this causes the file to load (or folder) in to polybuffer~ which beachballs in to next week. I almost need two pattrs, one for my parameters, one for the files. Or somehow gate the pattrs that deal with the file loading? S
    Other solutions to this are welcome, but I'm pretty happy with having one set of UI objects and routing them to the correct poly instance based on the selected voice.
    Also is it possible to copy from one pattr slot to another?