Pattr + Save command causing "Open file"-dialogue to open

    Nov 20 2012 | 10:25 am
    I've been trying to get pattr to work in a patch where I need to store different filepathes by saving a Live set (without opening the patch in Max and saving it). After checking the "Parameter mode enable" box and the "Inital Enable" box, and setting "Parameter Visibility" to Stored Only, pattr does what I want. When saving my live set within Live the text (filepathes that I change through a Dropfile. But - in the process, this weird behaviour started: Whenever I open the patch in Max to edit it, and want to save my work, instead of saving the patch, the "Open file"-dialogue pops up. First in Max, and then in Live. And then again, first in Max and then in Live. And then a fifth time the same Open dialogue pops up. It's as if Max wants to open the "Save as" dialogue but opens the "Open file" instead. 5 times.... So - I figured out a way around this - if I point to a random file every time the "Open file" pops up, 5 times, the patch finally gets saved. But it's a bit time consuming, hehe.
    So - does this make sense to anybody? Here's my patch: