pattr skipping parameters on saving preset?

    Jun 02 2012 | 11:53 am
    i have been searching the whole forum, but i didnt really find something...
    i have buit a very complex patch with about 400 pattred parameters, one autopattr object, one pattrstorage and one preset object. the problem is that, when i save a preset via the preset object (shift-click on one of the dots) the system saves most of the parameters, but not all of them. the parameter appears in the pattrstorage "storagewindow" aswell as in the client window (so the pattr system knows its there), but it takes no value on saving the preset. only when i manually change the parameter inside the patch, and then save the preset again (via shift-click on one of the dots) it saves the value to the preset.
    that seems to happen randomly. but parameters whos value was changed just recently in the patch seem to work fine. is this a known issue with the pattr system? maybe too many client objects? am i missing something?

    • Jun 02 2012 | 12:24 pm
      First things to check are pattrstorage @changemode and @outputmode.
    • Jun 02 2012 | 10:16 pm
      unbelievable... problem solved in 9 words. Thanks!!
    • Jun 06 2012 | 7:18 pm
      ... that was too early. doesnt work. any ideas? anybody? i'm a little bit desperate...
    • Jun 07 2012 | 1:02 pm
      i think i found a solution and an explanation i still dont quite understand but anyway - it really seems to be working now.
      the solution:
      "grab" The word grab causes the current value of all client objects to be reacquired by the pattrstorage object. This is particularly useful when the pattrstorage object is managing client objects whose data changes internally, without sending notifications to the pattr system.
      so the data seems to have changed "internally" (what ever that means) - by sending the "grab" message to the pattrsorage object before saving a preset, it now saves all parameters.