pattrstorage and load from boot

    May 05 2010 | 3:23 pm
    I'm working on an installation project and I need the system to boot right into my patch. We're on a Mac mini, so this I'm just using a login item. But, I'm finding that pattrstorage won't recall its preset correctly right from the initial launch of Max. It will only load it properly if it's already been opened once. Since it's saved to a file, I disabled autorestore and set savemode to 3. I'm using a loadbang (delayed by 2000 ms) to load the preset file (json).
    Specifically, a number of faders in the main window load at zero. However, the Client Objects window shows the values I actually **do** want. So, pattrstorage apparently thinks it's done its job, when it really hasn't (the audio reflects the faders at zero, not the values pattrstorage reports). Anybody experienced this? Any ways around it?