pattrstorage and preset - copy bug?

    Nov 17 2016 | 4:50 pm
    I'm using pattrstorage and a paired preset object. When I use the 'copy' message (to pattrstorage), eg 'copy 73 2' to copy from storage location 73 to location 2, the copy command works on the pattrstorage but this isn't reflected in the preset object. Specifically, if the location copied to (in this instance, 2) doesn't already have anything stored, then the preset object doesn't change to reflect that there now is something stored at that location.
    This might seem more than I should expect, but when I use commands such as 'delete', 'remove' and 'delete', the changes are accurately reflected by the preset object. So I suspect it's a bug?
    Anyone else experienced this, and can anyone think of a workaround? There is a reason I want to use the copy command rather than just doing this 'manually' with the preset object, and that's because my presets have pattrstorage names, which aren't preserved that way (but are with the copy command)