pattrstorage error.

    May 17 2006 | 3:38 pm
    I am writting a patch using 5 bpatchers all using individual pattrstorage objects to manage and store their data. I want to interpolate between these form the parent using another pattrstorage. I haven't really tried to do it yet, and my question is mostly unrelated. The Problem is that: When I open up the master patcher I get an "error patterstorage: could not resolve box". I did a search and got some old posts but they were unresolved. What's up with this error. I don't really want any dangling errors even if everything seems to function other wise. TIA, jonny

    • May 17 2006 | 4:11 pm
      This error means that a pattr or autopattr object announced its presence to pattrstorage, but couldn't be found when pattrstorage went looking for it. Imagine a kid ringing your doorbell and then running around the corner before you get to the door. Or, possibly, an invisible kid ringing your doorbell.
      In any case, it's likely a bug in the way autopattr or pattr is formatting the name of an object it is trying to expose to pattrstorage. If you send me the patch, I could probably figure it out and fix it for future generations. Otherwise, I am not sure what specifically is causing the problem, since this error message is theoretically never supposed to be triggered.
    • Mar 10 2008 | 3:34 pm
      I've run into this error as well - with bpatchers that each contain an autopattr and pattrstorage. I've enclosed a sample patch. If you open up "master_effects_ubu" you should see a "could not resolve box" error occur for each of the three bpatchers.
      Based on JB's earlier reply, I also tried cutting/pasting the patch as text so that the bpatchers load first instead of the pattrstorage - also included in .zip as "master_effects_ubu_ordered". This seems to clear up the errors.
      Wondering if there's an easier way to avoid these errors. They don't appear to harm the functioning of pattrstorage - but would they disrupt a larger patch composed of approximately 20 bpatchers constructed this way?
      And - while I'm here, I'll point out I've got this (maybe)funky way of naming the nested pattrstorages by using an argument to the bpatcher. Have others tried this before? Any advice for or against it?
      Thanks for your input,