pattrstorage in bpatcher crash when receive storagewindow message

    Sep 15 2011 | 8:22 pm
    Hello, I am using patterstorage in a bpathcher to manage the values of pattr objects bound (center outlet) to number boxes, toggles, etc. i have three instances of this bpather running in a main patch. the copy compressed version of the bpatcher is below. everything is working perfectly. I can change values as I want and save them in an xml file, etc.
    However, if i send a "storagewindow" message to pattrstorage within any one of the bpatcher, *sometimes* I will get a spinning wheel of death and have to reboot my computer. Sometimes the "storagewindow" message will work. I havent quite nailed down yet the exact circumstance that cause the crash, but have one way to certyainly make it crash:
    1 open patch (audio is off) 2 send "client window" then "storagewindow" message to 1st bpatcher (works) 3 send "client window" then "storagewindow" message to 2nd bpatcher (works) 4 send "client window" then "storagewindow" message to 3rd bpatcher (crash everytime)
    the other times it crashes I cannot be so sure of the steps except that I may be working for a while, turning on and off auido, saving slots to xml, etc, then I send "storagewindow" message to anyone of the bpatchers and get the same kind of crash.
    I could past in my main patch copy compress but all I am doing there is sending the "storagewindow" message to the bpatcher through an inlet in the bpatcher.
    one other note: i do have other abstractions in the main patch which use patterstorage to manage pattrs in just the abstractions. and all the pattrstorage are accessing the same xml file where all the data resides.