pattrstorage manipulations with JS ?

    Jan 04 2012 | 5:28 pm
    hi mates, designing a sequencer, I'm storing each step parameters in a pattrstorage all works very fine.
    basically, in this strange sequencer, a step = a bpatcher = a bunch of data = a "tree" of data
    sending (storagewindow) to my pattrstorage, I can see all my parameters, my storage slots etc.
    now the point: I'd need to swap, offset some leafs of the "tree" of data I mentionned above. examples: - this particular branch has to be switched with this other one - all branches have to be offseted to the lfet or right (which means all my table has to be altered by moving all to the index + 1 then the latest become index = 0 ..)
    I'd like to do that with JS because it sounds really easier.
    any leads for me ?