pattrstorage @outputmode 1 cause double output

    Jan 22 2006 | 1:36 pm
    I just noticed what seems to be a bug in pattrstorage. If @outputmode
    is set to 1, updated pattr values are not output once, but twice:
    Bug report
    pattrstorage @outputmode 1 cause output twice
    Steps to Reproduce:
    Click toggle, watch max window in this patch:
    Expected Results:
    I'd expect to see "test 1/0" printed once...
    Actual Results:
    ...but it's always printed twice
    Mac TiBook 1GHz
    OSX 10.4.4
    MaxMSP 4.5.6
    This cause problems in Jamoma ( as any changes of
    parameters, and in particular ramps to new values, become more CPU
    hungry than they need be. If it is simple to fix, I'd appreciate if
    an incremental update of pattrstorage could be maid publicly
    available, as I know this problem is affecting a number of users.
    Thanks for looking into it.