pattrstorage outputmode 3?

    Apr 16 2006 | 9:59 am
    Pattrstorage's outputmode 2 proved quite useful in a network situation, where only single values are sent and received.
    I ran into problems with continuous control data though, mainly because of the inherent delay of the network, i.e. the data from the network don't match the values stored internally and are being routed back to the network. Now, the remedy would be to add another outputmode that would function as follows: When input is received from the inlet of pattrstorage, the object behaves as if in outputmode 0, i.e. no output; when input is received from the clients of pattrstorage, the object behaved as if in outputmode 1, i.e. output.
    This way, I could differentiate whether the input is internal (client) or external (network->inlet) and only pass data generated locally to avoid feedback.
    Would this be difficult to add?