Pattrstorage presets and the app store

    May 10 2013 | 8:01 pm
    Hi everyone, i am trying to build an application for submission to the App store. I have a list of presets that are stored with a [pattrstorage] object. When i first subtitled the app, it got rejected because the the "save new preset" button, didn't work. It worked before on my mac! I think it had to do with the entitlements for the sand-boxing, for not allowing the app to re-write the json again. This is just supposition! I am probably way off the real reason!!! I am currently saving the presets to a .json file inside the app bundle so i added a temporal exception entitlement for an absolute path read-write, the path "/Applications/" and it got rejected with the explanation: "requests read-write access to read-only system location". I want the user to be able ta load existing presets and also be able save new ones or save on an existing one. If anyone could tell me, what is the correct path to save the json and what entitlement should i use ? Thank you in advance, Nikolas