Pattrstorage question

    Jun 23 2011 | 3:07 pm
    Let's say I have 4 toggle objects (toggle1, toggle2, etc) which are included in "pattrstorage" via "autopattr". I change the state of some of the toggles and store them in preset1. Then I do more changes and save them in preset2.
    Now (and this is not what I am able to do), let's say I have some number boxes elsewhere in my patch and I want to "link" them to the values stored in the pattrstorage presets. For example, I want numberbox1 to have the same data as toggle1 in preset1, and then I want numberbox2 to have the same data as toggle1 in preset2. Ideally, this linking should be automatic, w/o having to query the pattrstorage object for its stored values every single time.
    Is this even possible? If pattrstorage is not the object to do the job, what else should I be looking up?
    Any help is much appreciated.