pattrstorage - saving with abstractions

    Jan 17 2011 | 12:36 am
    After reading the tutorials and a few of the different threads on this topic I am still unsure of the best method and exactly how it works for the patch I'm building. I am hoping someone can help me out :)
    My project: dca's for a console (dca= digitally controlled amplifier)
    - i have one patch window which will contain an arbitrary (and unknown) number of abstractions (I will call it abst[1]) which contain an argument to make them unique.
    - abst[1]'s are created by the user by pressing a button (a simple thispatch script)
    - Within each abst[1] there are 48 other abstractions (abst[2]). Each abst[2] has 2 arguments: the same argument of the abst[1] it belongs to and a number from 1-48.
    - there is user defined data to be stored in each abst[2], abst[1] and the main patch.
    Saving/storing needs:
    - I need a global way to save all the info to disk (presumably pattrstorage).
    - when a file is opened it needs to re-create all the abst[1]'s that the user created in the saved file, restore all the data within the abst[1] AND all the data within each abst[2].
    So I can easily send the data from the abst[2]'s into its parent abst[1]. But I'm not sure how to do the recreating each abst[1] and all its data within a pattrstorage. Would the best think be using a jit.cellblock or something within the main patcher to collect all the data and have the pattrstorage deal with saving that?
    Any and all suggestions are extremely welcome! Thanks in advance :)

    • Jan 17 2011 | 1:07 am
      Would it make it easier to use bpatchers than just abstractions?