pattrstorage subscribe and active system

    Apr 05 2011 | 11:11 am
    Dear Maxers,
    Following this post hanging without any answer, I am working on a workaround to obtain a certain modularity in the use of the pattr system.
    Pursuing this goal, I came on a question/feature request and a strangeness with the pattrstorage object.
    Maybe you (skilled Maxers or Max developers) will be able to help me...
    First, I was wondering if there is a way to de-activate all subpatches/abstractions containing pattr-aware objects in a main top-level pattrstorage. Ideally, a "de-activate by default" option would be nice but I could use a message too.
    Then, the strangeness... When you have 2 times the same abstraction (including a pattr-aware object) loaded in a top-level patcher and put a pattstorage in this top-level patcher and put it in subscribe mode. Then, a message active name-of-the-abstraction 1/0 will activate/deactivate the first instance of this abstraction (which is kind of logical considering that Max automatically rename the second instance with something like name-of-the-abstraction[1]). But a message subscribe name-of-the-abstraction will register both instances !
    To illustrate, here are some patches :
    Save this patch as Visible
    Save this patch as Invisible
    Put them in your path and create this top-level patcher :
    Thank you for any enlightening