May 18 2006 | 8:38 am
    I try to send the message "interp matrixctrl off" to a matrix(name
    matrixctrl) in a bpatcher with no success. When I send the same message
    to a matrix (name: matrixctrl2) in the main patch it works, the
    clientwindow report the change, interp goes off. I need to send this
    message because the matrix do not keep the preset during the
    interpolation (from 1. to 2.) if it's not off, so the matrix inside my
    mainpatch do what it's need but not the one in the bpatch which is the
    one i need to do it in my project. See an exemple of the dilema below.
    I must miss something obvious but don't get it even going throug manuel
    thanks in advance for any lights
    max v2;