per character animation of text without this nascent migraine...

    Jun 22 2013 | 1:40 am
    is there a way to animate text on a per character basis?
    say in a somewhat similar way that in after effects for example you can affect each character's scale, opacity, position, etc... albeit maybe not as sophisticated.
    as I understand, and after doing some research on the forums, text2d and text3d seem to be very limited in that regard, which is unfortunate. plus I'm still very much learning in general so there's probably a lot I don't get yet.
    It seems to me the only way to go would be to send each characters to it's own matrix, but that sounds like such a pain, plus my skill levels are not quite there yet for me to grasp how I should go about this.
    My final goal is to have words be responsive to live audio going on, wigling along and such, and figuring this part of the puzzle is like the key to my idea...
    how should I go about this?