Percolate bug (bowed~)

    Jan 10 2008 | 8:00 am
    not sure if i should post it here (or directly to the authors of percolate) but:
    when using percolate's "bowed~" object (in a sub-patcher) in my patch, all works very well
    now when i duplicate the objets and its control (basically using 2 instances of bowed~ with the same kind/range of controls parameters), using the 2 in the same sub-patcher, most of the time (not always) only one of the 2 is working (producing some sound)
    not always, most of the time.
    to try it i always start from a clean "app launch" (restart computer, start max, start the patch, clik an "init" command, start dac) - at this point one of the 2 bowed~ works, the second one like.... 25% of the time only.... (more or less)
    this "second one" is not always the same one, say, "one of the 2"
    I am on mac, PPC, max 4.5.7, OS X.4.10
    kasper -- Kasper T. Toeplitz noise, composition, bass, computer