performance issue and trying to replace a certain optical effect by gl and noise

    Dec 17 2006 | 1:16 pm
    I have some performance troubles, I've read the threaths concerning the use of gl and implemented most into the final patch, I have however an 'effect' that I want to recreate by using jit.noise instead of this whopping 20480x3072 matrix (I know WAAAYY to big)
    I've invluded the patch and a pdf that you'll need to load into the patch to create it all, I hope it wll make some sense once you're in the patch, it would be very criptical if I would discribe it here,
    In the final patch I've downsized this thingy so that it actually runs pretty good using three or four of this 'instances' but it slows down some times and need the speed.
    I wil eventually need one of these matriw style thingies still running (after hopefully fixing the stripy-ones by replacing them with gl) because I have one of the offset/dimension things connected to a wacomtablet and need to be able to single out some elements on a actual composed photograph.
    Hope I'm making some sense on a sunday,
    Bets Regards

    • Dec 17 2006 | 1:19 pm
      sorry I got an error saying try again and it seems to be posted 3 times, my apologies!!