Peter Elsea's Lobjects macOS universal (x86_64 and arm64)

    May 02 2022 | 12:00 pm
    Hi, Peter Elsea kindly sent me the most recent source code for the Lobjects, I've compiled them for macOS x86_64 and arm64 and zipped up the results here. If anyone wants to take them for a spin, that would be helpful. The helpfiles and canonical versions can be found here.
    Please provide any feedback here (even, "hey, they just work" is useful). I'll continue to work with Peter to see if we can create a more official package for these venerable, but important contributions to Max.
    UPDATE LOG 2022-05-02: initial post (builds) 2022-05-05: updates to linc, lbuildset and lshiftr (builds)

    • May 04 2022 | 11:09 pm
      Thanks for posting them. Most work, a couple don't on my system. mac 11.6.5 max 8.3 Is Lbuldset the same as Lbuildset? Unzips as Lbuldset for me. Does not instantiate. Linc just displays 2147483647 or 2147483648.
      Lshiftr moves something like 100,110,111 rather than 100,010,001
    • May 05 2022 | 8:14 am
      @rick thanks for all of that testing!
      * lbuildset is back and spelled correctly * linc should be working properly now * lshiftr was totally busted, I can't believe it ever worked. But now it does. It's a very weird object, though, since it operates on both incoming lists (which are not cached) and a cached list. An int in the left inlet causes the cached list to be output, an int in the right inlet sets the step size for incoming lists in the left inlet. Strange design, but I won't change it. The shifting should work as expected now.
    • May 05 2022 | 12:22 pm
      Now that I think about it, I'm a little unsure about my "fix" to lshiftr. I suspect that it's supposed to work like C-style bit shifting with sign extension (in which 1000 would indeed shift right as 1100, 1110, 1111), but I've asked Peter for clarification on that point. I don't know what use that sort of shifting would have in Max, but that's generally the wrong question to ask...
      There are plenty of objects which perform list rotation, in any case, if that's what you need.