pfft~distortion-problems with big fft-sizes/ buffering for pfft? /buffersize?

    Dec 08 2011 | 8:27 am
    Hi, i already postet this problem in the m4l-section, but it turnes out to be a max/msp problem. maybe someone could help. thats the post in the m4l section. the patches are downloadable:
    my problem is i get distortion not just in max/msp but in all audio, when buffer size is set to 256 samples or less and the fft size of my pfft ist set to 65536, wich is of course very high. my cpu usage is at about 6%, but may have tiny peaks where the distortion happens. so if i can't do anything in the pfft, is it possible to have a individual buffersize just in one section / in one m4l-device? because i don't whant the big latency global. in this particular device it wont matter. or is there another way to avoid distortion?
    thanks for any ideas