philips speechmike

    Oct 16 2013 | 1:37 pm
    i posted this topic on the ableton forum and then figured it might be better to ask here
    im constantly struggling with maxforlive so can anyone recommend any objects which will recognise input from this usb dictation recorder thing i got? i've tried the hi (human interface) object but not had any luck so far, and not with midiin either.
    i'd like to use it as both a controller and microphone and mouse too. it works fine as a mouse but it'd be great to get it so that i can use the buttons, triggers and scrollwheel to manipulate stuff
    it seems to have its own soundcard built in as at the moment it starts playing sound out of its little speaker. it is picked up in the audio in settings in live but when i select it, it says 'failed to recognise'
    so i get the feeling that maybe routing everything (audio and whatever else) into lableton through a maxforlive patch may be the way to go. it doesnt seem to send midi as it isnt picked up in the midi settings and no light comes on in the top right of the screen when i press anything. though when i downloaded the dictation software from the philips site the buttons worked with that
    thanks for any advice or clues
    cheers :)

    • Oct 17 2013 | 3:43 pm
      m4l won't help you with getting another device into Live. As with any typical numerical recorder, if you plug it by usb then it will be an external soundcard. If Live fails to recognize it as an input, then, well... the problem is here, definitely ; but m4l won't have any other audio input than those of Live itself. Try using Jack or Soundflower ?