Photo slideshow deforming & blending

    Oct 01 2010 | 3:35 pm
    Hello forum!
    I don't know really the best title for this post because my doubts are about jitter itself and the thing i would like to do. So, I'm creating this thing to do something like a photo slideshow, and I would do some processing on the photos, like color, scaling, etc. But, I would like to use jit.catch to blend or deform the photo with a sound source. One of the things is that I'm trying to do most of the work in jit.GL to save cpu power. I don't feel secure yet about some things in jit.GL, like the way objects communicate by name, how they process each other, and how the order of execution is established. I always get amazed with Tsutsui patches, they look so clean, and yet do things so much complex and beautiful. Well, I hope anyone can help me with this patch.
    Best to all!