picture animation

    May 21 2010 | 7:29 pm
    Hy There, first of all excuse me, I used the search Function but could´nt find anything similar, so my first Action in this Forum was to create a new Topic...sorry for that...but now my problem:
    iam involved in a project where we should create a max/jitter Application for Dancers, the idea is that when the Dancer act on a specific point (X and Y Coordinates) the background picture is changing, or better said parts of the picture should rotate, becomin smaller or bigger (depends on the distance of the dancer)
    how can i create that?
    i managed it to use a patch using my webcam, and work with the outgoing paremeters of me goin left or right...till yet, it just changes the frequency of a sound, but how can i bind a picture in it which changes?
    my suggestion is a matrix could it be?
    many thx from a desperate Noob ;)

    • May 21 2010 | 10:47 pm
      Hello and welcome,
      I would suggest checking out the cv.jit-externals to track the dancers and check out jit.rota for the image-processing. I've attached a patch (copied straight from the rota-helppatch btw) that will get you started. And depending on your noob-ness i definitely suggest looking into the jitter-tutorials hosted online. Scrap that, just check 'm out, they're usefull. Good luck.