Picture over OpneGl scene

    Apr 23 2006 | 1:26 pm
    Is it possible to have a picture over an OpenGl scene? I want to make a GUI over a 3D scene and it mixes the image with the 3D scene...

    • Apr 23 2006 | 1:37 pm
      You need to control the render order using the 'automatic 0' argument in your gl objects and send them bangs in the order you wish to render them. Check the forum for some examples of how to do this. This thread (amongst many others) has some examples of how to do it : https://cycling74.com/forums/index.php?t=msg&th=18925
      To put a picture on top, you can use a jit.gl.videoplane
    • Apr 23 2006 | 1:42 pm
      make sure you set all opengl object to @automatic 0, then draw them individually in the order than you want, draw your picture at last. You might want to search the list for "orho 2" if you want the picture at a fixed position while changing camera positions and lens angles.
    • Apr 23 2006 | 1:45 pm
      "ortho 2" that is..;-)
    • Apr 23 2006 | 1:47 pm
      Forget that other thread, this one has better examples : https://cycling74.com/forums/index.php?t=msg&goto=668 89&rid=0&srch=pseudolook#msg_66889
    • Apr 23 2006 | 1:51 pm
      Works :) Thanks for the fast replies...
    • Apr 23 2006 | 2:29 pm
      No problem. Just remember to credit the post authors when you hand in your final project. :-)