Pitch-Bend Controller in Mira

    Feb 24 2014 | 6:40 pm
    I'm messing around with my new Prophet-12 Module with Max6 and try to create a Controller and Randomizer Patch.
    I've not used Max6 for a long time... I've created PB Objects/Sliders with Max in the past like the following steps and looking now for way to create PB objects in the mira.frame?!
    mousestate(button on/off) if $i1 == 0 then 63 slider object...
    I saw the mira.multitouch object send data like 0/1 for touching the screen... Any other options?
    Thanks in advance. Simon

    • Feb 26 2014 | 12:11 am
      Problem solved...
      mira.multitouch object mira.mt... status 0/1 if $i1 == 0 then 63
      Thanks...!! LOL Great device! ;)