playback stutters while loading soundfiles into buffer

    Oct 02 2013 | 4:03 pm
    hi all
    i have a simple player/looper/scrubber patch that has four instances of a groove~ & buffer~ based soundfile player.
    i'm using 24/96 soundfiles of a few minutes each, and i'm getting stuttering in the playback when i have, for example, two players playing while i'm loading a new file into another player.
    according to activity monitor, max is using less than 2gb of my 4gb total memory, but it says max becomes "unresponsive" momentarily when loading a sample, and that's when the glitches start happening.
    shouldn't this be possible without the stutters? it's important to me to be able to play one file while loading another one into one of the other players, and i feel like i'm well within the boundaries of what my RAM should allow.
    i know 24/96 is very hi-res, and might be considered overkill for a live performance patch, but this allows me to slow down the files significantly without degrading the sound quality.. so i'd prefer not to go down to a safer 44.1/16 or something like that.
    would any of you have any tips on how to solve this?
    thank you VERY much in advance!

    • Oct 02 2013 | 6:46 pm
      Is overdrive on in the options ?
    • Oct 02 2013 | 8:43 pm
      yes, i always have overdrive on, i should have mentioned that
      it seems that max does ok up to about 1gb of samples playing, then when i add another big sample pushing the total ram to about 1.5/2gb everything starts to stutter, or max even crashes..
      are there any other memory-related settings in max or on my macbook pro in general that i might be missing? i was really hoping to be able to push things a bit now that i've moved away from sfplay~ and into buffer~ based playback..