Playing audio file by pushing simple button on the Arduino

    May 06 2013 | 11:45 am
    I am using MAXUINO (firmata v2.1) to combine Arduino (uno) with Max6.1 and communicate with eachother. For a first prototype for a school project I like to just simply play a music sample when I press a button (input). But the problem is, how do I say in the Max6.1 file that when the button on the arduino is pressed there needs to play a music sample. I would appreciate your help.
    The arduino interface for MAX/MSP:

    • May 06 2013 | 1:06 pm
      Hi the solution is dependent on so many environment variables that you're unlikely to get a simple and final response here. Is the circuit robust? What happens in Maxuino when you press your button? If you are getting data in Max from your button press is it a 1 or 0? If all these facts are a given, then all you need is an [sfplay~] object (look at its helpfile) and a [select 1 0] object, plus an [ezdac~] and [gain~] for audio output.
      ps picture file attachments don't really help anyone - but don't post the Maxuino patch, just the part of your patch where the specific problem is (Copy Compressed).