Playing with [bpatcher] with javascript

    Oct 01 2013 | 10:48 am
    Hi there,
    I'd need to know if there would be a smooth solution to manipulate bpatchers with JS.
    Indeed, I'm creating bpatcher, "filling" them with a patch and it gives errors in Max window BUT it works. So these errors drive me to say I could make a mistake or what.
    var myObject = this.patcher.newdefault(x, y, "bpatcher", "@varname", "name" + z, "@presentation", 1); myObject.replace("/Users/julien/DATA/baptchers/myPatch.maxpat");
    Something else, message to bpatcher. I knew about sendbox messages to [thispatcher], also about message() function to object from JS.
    But what should I do in the case where I don't have any connection to my bpatcher ?
    Actually, I don't want to connect them and only want to control their creation/move etc using JS.
    Is there a smooth way ?
    I tried:
    myObject.patching_rect(x +"400 100 100");
    and also
    myObject.message("patching_rect", x +"400 100 100");
    No luck with those.