please fix installer

    Dec 03 2010 | 8:27 pm
    make it show a progress bar while sizing the system.
    why should I have to click blindly, waiting for it to finish?

    • Dec 03 2010 | 9:45 pm
      Can you explain exactly what you mean? What OS? What installer?
      If you are referring to the Max 5.1.6 installer, on Windows, there is a progress bar as the installer winds up. On Mac, I've never seen much of a delay when launching the installer.
      Any more detail would be greatly appreciated!
    • Dec 03 2010 | 10:33 pm
      not looking at it, at the moment. I am using windows. just happened on 5.17
      after checking the license, when I click proceed it comes back and says that it is checking the system size, then I must backup to previous dialogue.
      the other way to handle it might be a message that it is checking the system size and a proceed button that doesn't work until the sizing is done.
      just a minor irritation, but one that gets you a curse from me, nearly every upgrade.
    • Dec 03 2010 | 10:43 pm
      Sorry, I'm unable to reproduce or still not understanding where the hangup/blind clicking is happening.
      Feel free drop a note to support at cycling 74 dot com with a your system specs, a screen shot and step by step instructions on how to reproduce what you see to be a problem.
    • Dec 05 2010 | 2:49 am
      I think it's the "Please wait while Max determines your disk space requirements" dialog. Yes it's a bit annoying as you're never sure how long it will take. On my crappy cranky old laptop it takes forever, but that's definitely not Max's fault. It would be nice if there was a progress bar, but maybe that's not easy to do.
      Probably should just go and have a coffee break in the meantime...
    • Dec 05 2010 | 3:14 am
      If that is what you are referring to, then, yes, there is likely little we can do about it. I'll be happy to make sure that is the case.