please fix the "resetbar" function of transport

    Nov 26 2012 | 8:46 pm
    At the moment the "resetbar" function of transport seems not to work at all. [Max 6.0.8] If I check the option in transport resetbar and I save the patch, the state is not remembered. A bigger problem of course is that the function in general does not work. The bar count does not reset on a specific bbu/timesig.
    I really tried to find another working solution but couldn't. "timepoint" also seems to be buggy. My experience was if I create a timepoint, then start the master-transport, then delete the timepoint and create another timpoint my patch regularly starts to crash. Taking the timepoint objects out, it never crashes.
    Doing it with a if/else is no solution because if I check for the state the reaction is slower (too slow) than doing a reset with a timepoint and I have a short moment where the "track/voice" thinks it's in bar 5 instead of 1. The timepoint object seems to do this as clean as it should be.
    Anyway, is there a chance that the resetbar function gets fixed? That would be super helpful!
    Greetings, Alex