please help -- 'no data available from jit.matrix'

    Nov 19 2007 | 1:16 am
    Hi jitter list
    I am trying to extract a 512x1 1-plane matrix from a 10-plane 512x512 matrix (control matrix for nurb) using But when I send a rand message to the nurbs obj, then bang to render,
    No data available from jit.matrix
    appears in the console.
    Searched the forums for this message to no avail,

    • Nov 19 2007 | 6:01 am
      i looked at your patch, and it seemed like the second jit.cellblock was causing that error.
      i sent the matrixout of the nurbs to a jit.unpack 12 (nurbs outputs 12 planes, not 10). i took the first output of the unpack and sent that to the jit.submatrix (with a dim of 20 1). i connected this output to a jit.print, and the data appeared as expected.
      i'm not sure why jit.cellblock was having issues with that matrix.