Pluggo and DP quirks

    Jul 28 2006 | 5:26 pm
    I have encountered a couple quirks while using pluggo and digital performer.
    1. When I make changes to presets in plugconfig using the capture command, DP does not recognize the changes unless I change plugconfig's unique id. If I change back to the first unique id DP shows the old list of presets. Perhaps DP has some preset cache that is not being reset?
    2. When I change the unique id, forcing DP to load the Pluggo as a new Plugin, the Pluggo does not show in the list until I quit and restart DP. Perhaps this problem comes from loading a new unique id with an old name?
    1.25GHz G4 OS 10.4.7 DP 4.6.1 Current Pluggo and Max/MSP