Pluggo AU Scan fails to see plugins

    Feb 08 2006 | 11:42 pm
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm having a problem where the Pluggo AU Scan fails to scan or
    recognize all of the plugins that I have in my Pluggo folder.
    The AU scan application seems to arbitrarily skip over certain
    plugins each time i run the scan (different ones are skipped each
    time). It is quite unpredictable, and often fails to see even the
    original set of Pluggo plugins (those bundled with pluggo) not just
    3rd party or self-developed ones. As a result, the AU validation
    application in Logic doesn't see them as installed either. The
    plugins all appear when i load them into applications other than AU
    applications. Has anyone else had this problem? Is this a bug or a
    result of something stupid that I am overlooking? I googled the
    subject, but couldn't find anything pertaining specifically to this
    issue. I don't recall this happening before 3.5.3, but am not
    I think the issue is with the Pluggo scan rather than the AU val
    program in Logic. When i run the AU manager in Logic 7, the omitted
    pluggos are listed as 'not installed' and selecting it indicated a
    "fatal errow: did not locate component."
    I would greatly appreciate any help/advice,
    Dual 2Ghz G5
    OSX 10.4.4
    Pluggo 3.5.3
    Logic 7.1.1
    Max/MSP 4.5.6
    Motu 828 MK2
    Summary: see above
    Steps to reproduce: 1) run AU Scan... closely monitor the
    scanning process and notice it skipping certain plugins
    2) open Logic 7 and open pluggo plugin list....notice missing
    Expected results: That all pluggo plugins would appear in AU
    Actual results: Certain pluggos were omitted/not recognized by
    the scan and thus do not appear in AU host such as Logic 7.

    • Feb 09 2006 | 7:33 am
      I had the same problem!
      And it appears, soon after I upgraded to
      the latest pluggo update (I upgrade also hipno and max/msp
      at the same time)
      I resolved the problem in scanning my pluggos with the
      pluggo scanner once again, reset the logic 7 au-manager,
      and started the logic-au scanning again.
      but this process is laborious after the several times doing
      it, and I have to check my new built pluggos first in logic
      before I know what I have to change.
      Any chances for a clean solution?
      another thing: pluggos I have made with externals
      always make crashing the au-validation and I have to use
      them as not validated au (this works, but I thought the tap.tool upgrade has solved this problem??)
    • Feb 09 2006 | 10:52 pm
      i've had no problem making pluggos with the, all passes logic AU validation fine.... Haven't tried the latest pluggo version, and i all of a sudden feel like waiting a bit longer before doing so !