pluggo filename handling on xp

    Nov 20 2006 | 5:34 pm
    hi list,
    below is a simple sampler pluggo but i'm having trouble loading/saving filenames. i've found a few hints on previous posts but they're too much for my tiny brain to handle...
    in particular there was a previous post from spleef giving an abstraction that another poster was very happy with...but i can't work out how to use it! would someone be able to show me how?
    thanks in advance
    ----------------------------------------------------------------- here's the sampler...
    and here's spleef's abstraction...

    • Nov 20 2006 | 6:10 pm
      please post pluggo q's to the pluggo forum.
      in the meantime, max's file preferences are not going to exist for you in max runtime, which pluggo runs within. you will have to find a method (not unlike spleef's) to deal with this issue. either designate specific folders that you create and use those locations (they must be there for this to work), or utilize c74's lib folder to store samples in. this is unavoidable if you want to load sound files dynamically with pluggos.
      with spleef's example, the reason a [-256 to 256] range is given for plugmultiparam is to support ASCII characters.
    • Nov 20 2006 | 6:10 pm