Pluggo, Hippno, Vst and AU

    Sep 12 2010 | 10:21 am
    I have done something 'terrrible', I started a piece for electronic music using Cubase..... I realised this way how important a set of effects can be. I never appreciated pluggo more than now!!! I even search the internet for more vst plug ins because one can get very hungry for it. Doing this, I realised that we should compensate for the loss of pluggo! My thoughts were turning around a way to trim Max 5 to provide a platform to develope VST and AU plug ins. I am not familiar with the programming demand it represents and I would be grateful for some overview on this matter. Why don't we port and develope vst plug ins? If it would be possible just the way we can build applications under Max, it would be a dream to build effects.