pluggo_demo sound in plugins made with max/msp

    Jun 12 2006 | 7:07 pm
    I am trying some things out with making pluggo plugins with max/msp and I have a little problem:
    the plugins that I have made make have this wobbly synth demo sound every minute (or so) that is also included as a protection in the pluggo demo I believe.
    Is this supposed to work like this? should I buy the pluggo pack to make plugins that work normal without the annyoing sound every miute?
    If this is the case than that is not clear on the website (and not in agreement with the answers in other threads on this forum
    So my guess is that my plugins should not make this 'demo-protection'-sound.
    download here an example patch I made (just a simple lpf) and its pluggo plugin (for pc):
    ------------------------------------- extra info: - I work on a PC (windows xp) with an authorised version of max 4.5.7 (plus the latest jitter and msp) - I didn't have the demo installed anymore, but I deleted pluggo jr and installed the latest pluggo runtime in stead - there is a peculiar thing: some time ago I made a vst plugin for somebody else with max/msp on a Mac and there I didn't have that problem. It's even weirder: if I open that particular patch right now on a pc and make it into a (working) pluggo plugin the sound doesn't occur. I can't find any substantial difference (ok, I used some other objects, but the contents of the pluginfo object are basically the same) - the problem occurs in max itself, in logic platinum (latest pc version) and ableton live 5.2
    ps: is it normal that attaching a file doesn't work on this forum?

    • Jun 12 2006 | 7:41 pm
      On my pc Max crashes instantly when I load your dll in vst~, even when I rebuild it from your source patch.
    • Jun 12 2006 | 7:43 pm
      I found the problem: the uniqueid in plugconfig should not start with a 0 when the value is nonzero, the plugin works fine
      now I understand what they meant in the manual:
      "You can either use the three randomly generated numbers or something intentional. There are about 16 million possibilities. 0 0 0 is reserved and cannot be used. 0 followed by two other numbers is reserved for use by Cycling ’74 and its registered plug-in developers."
      thanks for listening...
    • Jun 12 2006 | 8:08 pm
      Hello Timo,
      Please do not cross post to support. This forum is monitored by support staff.
      As well as that, your support email did not contain all of the information that your forum posting did...
      As you have discovered - the problem is related to your use of custom unique ids.
      We recommend you use values in the range starting from 100 if you wish to roll your own id. The Pluggo docs will be updated to reflect this change.
    • Jun 12 2006 | 8:21 pm
      sorry andrew, I was just trying out more and more after the mail I sent you and then I discovered that that plugin that worked and the postings on this forum of somebody saying that it should work fine without buying pluggo and I decided to work it out and post it here (I didn't want to send a follow up mail to support before I received an answer)