plugphasor~ vs "plugstaircase" in PT LE

    Oct 28 2006 | 11:20 am
    a quick search in the archives didn't show up anything useful, so i
    ask here:
    using plugphasor~ in protools LE doesn't give a smooth ramp, but
    rather something like a staircase...
    ( osx 10.4.4, pluggo 3.5, pt LE 7.0 ) and ( osx 10.3.9, pluggo 3.5,
    pt LE 6.4 )
    while the same pluggo in live ( 3.0.2, ich weiss, uralt ) works ok,
    i.e. no staircase.
    does that sound familiar to anybody? is that just the pathetic
    support of host syncro in protools?