points texture with .gl.texture bug?

    Feb 08 2006 | 6:39 pm
    for some reason textures made with .gl.texture doesnt work when drawing matrix using points with point_sprite attribute on, the same texture declared in .gl.render works,
    below example patch,
    best, wojciech

    • Feb 08 2006 | 8:34 pm
      I might suggest you try turning off rectangular textures (i.e. @rectangle 0). This will use power of two textures, which might be required for point sprites on your HW. This difference in rectangular vs power of two textures is the big difference between the default jit.gl.render textures (for legacy purposes), and the default jit.gl.texture.
      Let us know if that doesn't solve your problems and we can look into your patch further.
    • Feb 08 2006 | 10:48 pm
      thanks joshua,
      it helped indeed,
      best, wojciech