poly~ clarifications...

    Feb 06 2006 | 1:51 pm
    No matter what kind of method i use to deal with poly~ (poly, midinote,
    busy map...), there's still some questions i don't have the answers for...
    1 - what is the real goal of "steal" ? when i use "steal mode",
    everything seems ok when i DO NOT send the same pitch twice. But when i
    only use poly~ as, for ex, a sample cell player (always the same pitch),
    "steal" leads max to INTERUPT the voice, 7 / 10 times...
    2 - after a while, still in steal mode, NO MATTER WHAT KIND OF METHOD i
    use (poly, midinote, busy map...), poly~ begins to truncate EVERY sound,
    playing only a few ms of them...
    Did someone has a *working* example of a sample player that always play
    the same pitch, with or without an enveloppe deal, and with a *working*
    steal mode inside ??
    Don't tell me about the "regular" examples, they have been dissected a
    hundred times...
    best regards

    • Feb 06 2006 | 3:55 pm
      Detailed example patch please. Also - if possible, include the files you are working with, or at the very least tell us how long they are.