Poly~ help

    Mar 20 2013 | 12:41 pm
    I'm a third year music tech student and I am completely stuck with a max patch I have created a poly synth which includes a reverb and delay unit but at some point I have lost polyphony meaning my synth doesn't work as it should. My lecturer has been pretty useless and unreliable, so any help will be greatly received. I am also new to the software so dumbed down explanations would be great.
    Thanks in advance Steve

    • Mar 20 2013 | 1:37 pm
      A course mate has managed to help me and now the kSlider keyboard works, but the note won't release and the polyphony is still a problem (updated patches below)
    • Mar 20 2013 | 6:56 pm
      I was similarly stuck when I was trying to use the built-in polyphony. A very nice fellow called Chris Muir was around a long time who was kind of the expert in poly, and he helped me out. He provided a couple of examples, and by doing exactly the same as him, I was able to get it to work. What I can say is, not all variances on the poly~ and adsr~ work as you may expect. it's a bit of a dark science.
      After I got it to work by following his example, I found the voice stealing was truncating release cycles with low polyphony counts if there were variation of note durations. I think that's because voice stealing is based on round-robin reassignment. So I built my own allocator, and I hope to provide a version in the public domain by the end of the summer, but I'm still working on it. Meanwhile, here are the current examples from Chris Muir. The max5 example is alot more complicated than the one he shared with me, and you may be able to find a simpler version searching the forums:
    • Mar 21 2013 | 4:37 am
      Hi Steveclubb,
      At a minimum you need to initialise your adsr~ objects: [adsr~ 100. 100. 1. 100.] for example, and [loadmess 1] your waveform [selector~] objects so that you get a waveform selected.
      In general: keep all UI objects out of poly~ voices and use inlets or send receive to set your parameters inside voices.
      Hope that's a little help,