poly~ help with synth and vibrato

    Mar 25 2013 | 5:50 pm
    Hi there, I'm not a great Max and MSP programmer but I am trying to program a polyphonic synth with additional vibrato control on the modulation wheel of a keyboard. I have got the poly~ object to work after sending pitch/velocity from a "midiparce" into a "prepend midinote", I am then sending it into my "poly~ polysynth 32" to which I split the note number and velocity data with an unpack 0 0 and feed the note number into a phasor~, then to my "wave~ wt1" and then into a resons patch I made with a few filters to change the sound. The problem I have is that when I incorporate my vibrato patch between the "unpack" and the "phasor~" it will apply vibrato to the first note only and others will pass through with no vibrato. Do I also have to make my vibrato patch a "poly~ vibrato 32" and if so, how do I change it? I've uploaded a picture of my vibrato patch.