poly~ : need help

    Jan 31 2006 | 11:30 am
    I still have some problems sometimes when i use poly~ to play multiple
    voices. I think only a glance from someone else would point me to
    something obvious that i don't see myself; so i post my poly_player
    patches here, in hope for someone to correct them.
    Thanks in advance. It would be very nice if it could definitely work...
    best regards
    nb: the send/receive and "busyquery" routines are just here to update an
    UI that shows the state of the poly~ outside the patch.
    :::::::::::::::::::main patcher:::::::fe.polysndplayer // put in a
    patcher with arg1=buffer name, arg2=sndname or snd path. Then just send
    a bang to play
    max v2;
    max v2;