Poly synth

    May 18 2011 | 7:19 pm
    Hello! I'm new to Max and also kinda desperate... Can someone help me to connect this synth to my patch? It should be connected with the melody but i don't know how! And i can't understand why poly~ has no outlet! even if i paste dumbo inside it, the outlet won't appear and this is not working! Please HELP!

    • May 18 2011 | 8:00 pm
      Hi Tomoyo,
      First and foremost, search the forum. Maybe you can't find a direct solution to your problem, chances are you will find a patch you can dissect to find the answer.
      Now for your problem - Create a new patch, paste all the stuff you want your synth to have, save this as "dumbo.maxpat", put it in your searchpath. Create a new object in a new patch and just type in [poly~ dumbo 16]That's it.
      There is some other stuff wrong with your patch though (don't worry, been there too)
      - the correct message to line is [1, 0 1000] (from 1 to 0 in 1000 ms). Yours would run from 1000 to 0 in 1000 ms, your speakers won't like that.
      - You didn't name your buffer "airhorn"
      Good luck, FRid
    • May 18 2011 | 8:22 pm
      Thank you so much! I fixed the problem of the poly outlet! But where should i connect this synth now? I tried but it doesn't play! now the patch is like this, i fixed also the things you pointed me out! thank you so much!
    • May 18 2011 | 8:46 pm
      This works fine for me.
    • May 18 2011 | 8:54 pm
      mmh...maybe it's me but i don't hear it...the other one i made, if i open alone it plays, but it doesn't play in the whole patch...i don't know what is the problem...i opened yours as well but no sound came out...and i still can't figure out where i should connect it to play together with the melody... T___T
    • May 18 2011 | 9:15 pm
      You scale the volume down by 0.02? Try increasing it :) I'm starting to suspect you didn't create the patch? Copying stuff to learn is ok (not always ofcourse) but when you copy make sure you understand what you're copying. Again, i seriously recommend studying the max-tutorials and the baz-tutorials.
      Now i go eat and watch tv
    • May 18 2011 | 9:26 pm
      i made it on my own but i took an exemple from a patch my professor explained me! also this doesn't work for me! also the meter isn't showing me anything! i changed the volume parameter but anything changed! i'll study those tutorials, thank you. enjoy your day.
    • May 18 2011 | 10:50 pm
      If it still doesn't work there must be some other issues going on. Issues i probably can't help you with. Do you have audio from max in general? In the extra's-tab (of any maxwindow) there is an audiotester, see if there is any response there. If not check the DSP-status window, see if the right drivers are selected.
      Again good luck, FRid
      Just saw this, it's awesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_w9XMTJnpM
    • May 19 2011 | 7:02 am
      hey!!!!! now the poly works!!!! =D I'm so happy you can't even imagine!!!!! Now i have to figure out the audio files, i corrected the line message but the audio isn't starting...i wonder if my max has something wrong...but i bought it!!!
      Anyway the video is great!!! Actually i love Japan but i didn't know about this man!! Wow!