Polymovies and file drop

    Jun 24 2011 | 12:36 am
    is it possible to add file drop to this polymovie patch I have working off the example patch. a file drop will be more efective than load each file individualy

    • Jun 24 2011 | 1:02 am
      try something like the patch below. this is a quick hack and I didn't test it... but it should point you in the right direction with objects like "dropfile" and "folder".
    • Jun 24 2011 | 1:15 am
      I just try it the drag and drop folder works like a charm U menu list .mov files
      how ever , sending a messages as number does not make a movie play .
    • Jun 24 2011 | 1:50 am
      not sure what you mean by "messages as number"... by the look of it there isn't a metro or qmetro anywhere... without that you won't get playback...