poly~/numbox bug? when creating voice

    Jun 13 2006 | 1:24 pm
    I don't remember having read something about it and moreover I can't seem to find something in the archives. Sorry if it has been discussed already.
    There seem to be a bug with [poly~] when creating voices. Here's the patch I use for tests. If I create voices with numberbox it works great. The problem occurs when creating voices while the patch of at least one voice is opened.
    Can someone reproduce this:
    - close all voices patchs, then use number box to change the number of voices.
    result: no problem. Number of voice is changed and everything work as normal.
    - Open any voice patch (open $1 message), then change the number of voices.
    Expected behaviour : voices patchs close and that's it. I can still use my mouse.
    Behaviour : voices patchs close, but bye bye mouse's cursor. The mouse still works, since I can blindly select another window for instance, but I can't see the cursor anymore. NB. I just noticed that trying to click on the Max menubar seem to make the cursor visible again.
    PPC G5 2*2.3, and PPC G4 466, 10.4.6, Max 4.5.7
    Here's a patch for test
    ---Parent patch---
    --- poly patch 'psub'--- #P window setfont "Sans Serif" 9.; #P window linecount 1; #N out 1; #P newobj 87 175 33 196617 out 1; #N in 1; #P newobj 85 92 25 196617 in 1; #P window clipboard copycount 2; -------------