Polyphonic Sampler Problems (Polybuffer~ and Groove~)

    Apr 21 2014 | 7:06 am
    Hi All,
    I'm having major problems with my polyphonic sampler. I've read all the threads, tutorials and help files, tried all sorts of combinations, yet I still can't get it to behave properly. I've attached a reduced version below.
    The chief problem at the moment is that it doesn't seem to distribute or hold voices and buffers consistently. For example, in order to hold the drum loop, whilst playing a melody over the top, I need to hit 2 midi keys together and then hold one of them to be able to play a cello melody over the drum loop. If I don't hit 2 midi keys at the outset, the first buffer is silenced as soon as the second buffer is 'played'.
    Down the track, I would like to include Velocity values as part of the Key-Mapping (so that that key 60, for example, can trigger different buffers according to different velocities), yet I cannot fathom a way to incorporate it into this patch. Has anyone out there been able to get their Key-Mapping to include Velocities?
    *Apologies for yet another thread on Poly~, I couldn't find one that addressed this specific issue. Most people seem to have relatively unique poly~ problems.
    Main Patcher:
    Poly Patcher (save as simpler_voice):

    • May 01 2014 | 12:29 pm
      Try looking at the ADSR_intro example, I managed to create my polyphonic sampler from looking at this. In regards to velocity layers, try setting up coll's for each layer and using refer messages if the velocity falls within certain boundaries.
    • May 03 2014 | 6:50 am
      Thank you, MarkyBoy. While it wasn't ADSR_intro that saved the day, it was ADSR_advanced, specifically the note granules tab.
      I had been trying to get note events in the main patch to trigger the playback information stored in coll. Having edge~ trigger the playback information from inside the poly~ works better!
      Main Patcher:
      Poly Patcher (save as simpler_voice):
      I haven't yet tried your Velocity Layering solution, but I will report back.