Poor Audio Quality When Routing Through ReWire

    Jun 13 2013 | 9:11 pm
    Hey guys;
    I've been suspicious that my samples sound less crisp when I'm in max compared to the DAW I use to compose them in (Renoise) for awhile now. Today I did a quick A/B by loading the same samples in to my liveset (which I ReWire in to Renoise; my master for effects and such) as well as Renoise. There is a clear difference in quality.
    It's not as quick an A/B to test between Max ReWiring and sending straight to my sound interface but I'm pretty certain the quality is improved when doing this as well.
    So it's my best guess that ReWire is deprecating my audio. I'm using 6 stereo (12 mono) channels to route 4 tracks (the percussion track gets crossovered and sent on 4 channels) and then bussing togethor in Renoise to go to my Motu. I'm using a 48000 sample rate at every point I can see.
    Has anyone come across this? Any tips on improving matters?